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The following is what some of NTA’s customers have to say about the services we have delivered. At NTA we understand the importance of discretion given the very nature of the work we do, and therefore at the request of some of these customers, whilst they have been happy to provided written testimonials, they have requested that they and their organisations remain anonymous.

NTA undertook a detailed and exhaustive review of both the architecture and development standards together with testing of the application. All work was delivered to the timescale and cost profile agreed. The quality of both the initial work and follow-up advice and guidance was excellent, and NTA provided full lifecycle support to the development and delivery of our Online Services portfolio. Where problems were identified, detailed advice was also provided on how the issues could be resolved.

Head of IS - Charity

I wish to highlight the outstanding work that your consultant undertook whilst doing the ICT Health Check for the Council.

We have learnt a lot from this process and the professionalism of your consultant made the journey rewarding.

He is an excellent ambassador for NTA Monitor and we very much look forward to working with him again in the future.

ICT Security Manager - Local Authority

NTA Monitor are very supportive, especially regarding general questions about Information Security issues such as hacking and vulnerabilities. There is also flexibility in the project related to the needs of the Constabulary.

Information Security Administrator - Police Service

NTA has provided testing of the internal network, providing a detailed analysis of the network architecture and firewall configuration required for GSi connection. In addition, NTA also provide bespoke services such as wireless testing of London landmark sites, perimeter testing of externally facing networks and PCI Compliance Assessments. NTA also provide ongoing consultancy for the organisation to meet any immediate requirements that they have over the course of a year.
We have found NTA to be an excellent supplier, offering a very good service at a competitive price. A key differentiator is that they are happy to answer any questions or concerns we have and always offer practical advice.

IT & Telecommunications Director - Central Government Services

After identifying a need to ensure information security best practice, we contacted NTA Monitor for some initial advice. NTA demonstrated a good understanding of our requirements, and provided some excellent recommendations on how we could achieve our objectives effectively. From start to finish, the project was delivered efficiently and within our anticipated time frames, and the follow up advice gave us a clear understanding of the improvements needed. In summary, I have found NTA to be an approachable & knowledgeable partner, and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

IT Manager - Charity

I have been very happy to use NTA Monitor on several projects - including application penetration testing and system hardening. Their work has uncovered, or confirmed, vulnerabilities in third-party solutions, which were then clearly documented and followed-up with excellent telephone review, directly with the tester involved.

On one occasion our third-party did not believe the vulnerability was an issue - having had their software tested by another well-known security testing company - and NTA Monitor were quick to provide a proof of concept exploit. The third-party then understood the issue and fixed their software!

IT Network and Project Manager - Local Authority

The NTA testing programme was a success on all fronts. The project went according to plan and our customers are now safe in the knowledge that we can offer them the extra reassurance that Toplevel’s software has already been through a stringent third-party security testing process before they buy it.

Jane Roberts - Sales & Marketing Director - Toplevel

The NTA Monitor testing programme was a success. The project was delivered on time and within budget and we continue to assist those schools that need additional support in making sure their wireless networks are secure.

Michael O’Connor – Network Manager – Medway Council

We were extremely pleased with the project from start to finish. Particularly notable was the level of technical knowledge displayed by NTA’s consultants, and we were also impressed that they were willing to share this knowledge with the network team so they could learn new skills to utilise on a daily basis. As technical staff it’s always exciting to have the work you put in not only vindicated but to also learn on areas for improvement and NTA helped us to do this.

Paul Davies - Network Team Leader - Walsall Council

NTA Monitor has been a trusted supplier to Walsall Council for a number of years and we have found them to be approachable, helpful and understanding of our needs relating to information security. We have always been happy with the work they have provided.

Sharon Worrall - ICT Strategic Supplier Manager - Walsall Council

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