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The Information Security Specialists

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Tools & Resources

Trusted information and applicative apparatus is a base for all organisations and we are not any different, this can set a base for interested individuals to touch base and keep up to date. This can be a full time job in itself but with our help and assistance, this page should cut out the hassle and time.

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Do you want to learn what the current industry obstacles are? What integral members of information security think of the future of virtualisation? Do you want to know if there are any basic security measures that I should be taking that I may not have thought of? We are sure that these questions and many more can be answered here and if we can’t answer on this page then call the team.

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As well as offering services commercially, we provide some tools and information free of charge to anyone that visits the NTA site. We have developed and scripted a number of useful tools that our visitors are free to download and utilise, details of which are described below.

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We are aware that other penetration testing organisations have downloaded these tools and use them as part of their delivery suite so, if you already have penetration testing conducted, why not check your latest report to see if NTA or the tools below are mentioned and if you would like to discuss other project plans directly with NTA, please feel free to contact us.

More information is available via the following links:

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I wish to highlight the outstanding work that your consultant undertook whilst doing the ICT Health Check for the Council.

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Particularly notable was the level of technical knowledge displayed by NTA’s consultants, and we were also impressed that they were willing to share this knowledge with the network team.

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We have found NTA to be an excellent supplier, offering a very good service at a competitive price. A key differentiator is that they are happy to answer any questions...

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I have found NTA to be an approachable knowledgeable partner, and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

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The NTA testing programme was a success on all fronts.

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The quality of both the initial work and follow-up advice and guidance was excellent, and NTA provided full lifecycle support to the development and delivery of our Online Services portfolio.

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On one occasion our third-party did not believe the vulnerability was an issue - having had their software tested by another well-known security testing company - and NTA Monitor were...

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NTA Monitor are very supportive, especially regarding general questions about Information Security issues such as hacking and vulnerabilities.

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NTA Monitor has been a trusted supplier for a number of years and we have found them to be approachable, helpful and understanding of our needs relating to information security.

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