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Ike Scan

IPSec VPN scanning, fingerprinting and testing tool.

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Ike-scan is a command-line tool that uses the IKE protocol to discover, fingerprint and test IPSec VPN servers. It is available for Linux, Unix, MacOS and Windows under the GPL license.

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This will compile on Unix and Linux systems as well as Windows systems with Cygwin. You will need a C compiler, the "make" utility and the appropriate system header files to compile ike-scan. It uses autoconf and automake, so compilation and installation is the normal ./configure; make; make install process.

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This is a zip file containing a Win-32 binary version of ike-scan together with the Cygwin DLL which provides posix support. It runs on Win-9x, NT, 2000 and XP. The executable was produced by compiling the ike-scan source on a Windows system running Cygwin.

Previous versions of ike-scan are available here

If you want an older version of the ike-scan software, you can get it from here. You can also obtain any version of the source code, together with the revision history from the github link above.

Other pre-compiled packages: ike-scan is also available as a pre-compiled package for many other systems. The installation section of the ike-scan wiki contains details of the packages that I am aware of.

The ike-scan wiki is the main source of documentation for ike-scan.

There are also Unix manpages included with the source distribution, which provide basic documentation on the usage and available options.

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