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Annual Reports

To satisfy many clients' request for a benchmark or standard measure of how they are performing in relation to the sector we have collated information from our testing and have put together documents stating the results.

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These can be a good tool when presenting your results to non technical management as this can give a quick and easy reference point for the results in your report and will help to "put things into perspective".

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NTA's Annual Web Application Security Report 2011 highlights significant trends and identifies the most common vulnerabilities discovered through web application testing undertaken on behalf of clients in both the public and private sector across a wide range of industry sectors.

pdfAnnual Security Report 2010164.46 KB

pdfAnnual Web Application Security Report 2010128.33 KB

pdfAnnual Web Application Security Report 2011104.05 KB

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I wish to highlight the outstanding work that your consultant undertook whilst doing the ICT Health Check for the Council.

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Particularly notable was the level of technical knowledge displayed by NTA’s consultants, and we were also impressed that they were willing to share this knowledge with the network team.

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We have found NTA to be an excellent supplier, offering a very good service at a competitive price. A key differentiator is that they are happy to answer any questions...

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I have found NTA to be an approachable knowledgeable partner, and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

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The NTA testing programme was a success on all fronts.

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The quality of both the initial work and follow-up advice and guidance was excellent, and NTA provided full lifecycle support to the development and delivery of our Online Services portfolio.

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On one occasion our third-party did not believe the vulnerability was an issue - having had their software tested by another well-known security testing company - and NTA Monitor were...

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NTA Monitor are very supportive, especially regarding general questions about Information Security issues such as hacking and vulnerabilities.

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NTA Monitor has been a trusted supplier for a number of years and we have found them to be approachable, helpful and understanding of our needs relating to information security.

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