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The Information Security Specialists

Governance & Compliance

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System Build

Active penetration testing is considered the acid test of security. But as such testing will typically be performed from the perspective of an unprivileged internal or external attacker, the test will hopefully be limited by the security controls and filtering that has been put in place.

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But if you’re just about to roll out a new desktop build, switch configuration or server platform across the estate, perhaps you would like some reassurance that this base build is sound before going live?

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NTA’s build review consists of a full assessment of the design and configuration of the system, in order to identify any security weaknesses that may exist. Unlike a pen test, build reviews require unfettered access to examine and review the system’s configuration, patching, adherence to written standard build policies, integration within the overall network topology and other security procedures that are, or should be, in place.

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This level of access and testing allows our consultants to identify possible issues that may be concealed from other perspectives. This is a true test of the security to determine if a system can stand up on its own two feet should your network ever be compromised beyond the first layers of defence.

One of the team is always willing to discuss any specific requirements or questions you might have so feel free to contact us.

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Particularly notable was the level of technical knowledge displayed by NTA’s consultants, and we were also impressed that they were willing to share this knowledge with the network team.

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The NTA testing programme was a success on all fronts.

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On one occasion our third-party did not believe the vulnerability was an issue - having had their software tested by another well-known security testing company - and NTA Monitor were...

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NTA Monitor are very supportive, especially regarding general questions about Information Security issues such as hacking and vulnerabilities.

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NTA Monitor has been a trusted supplier for a number of years and we have found them to be approachable, helpful and understanding of our needs relating to information security.

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