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Oct 13

Cyber crime costing small companies £785m a year

Cyber crime is costing small businesses around £785 million a year as they fall victim to fraud and malware.

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Research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), in collaboration with the Home Office and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), showed that 41 per cent of FSB members had been a victim of cyber crime in the last 12 months, putting the average cost at approximately £4,000 per business. Around three in 10 members had been a victim of fraud, typically by a customer of client, or through 'card not present' fraud.

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The study highlighted just how much cyber crime is affecting small and mid-sized firms, and what impact it is having on how they run their business.


Sep 13

Organisations still lack confidence in the cloud

Organisations continue to lack confidence in the security of cloud services and remain cautious about buying into them, says Roy Hills, NTA Monitor's technical director.

"There's certainly been a lot of industry and media interest about the cloud environment, but in our experience many organisations are still not willing to make the move," Roy added.

"Although use of cloud services is growing, a number of the enterprises we work with remain concerned about whether data security can be guaranteed. It seems that providers have still got a long way to go in reassuring organisations that their products are secure."


Aug 13

Mobile incidents soar

More than three quarters of businesses experienced a mobile security incident in the past year, with many incurring substantial costs, a study has shown.

According to a survey of 790 IT professionals by Check Point, mobile security incidents cost £65,000 for 42 per cent of the respondents, with 16 per cent putting the cost at more than £320,000.

The report highlighted that 67 per cent of firms were allowing personal mobile devices to connect to the corporate network, however around two thirds stated they were not attempting to manage corporate data on personal devices. Only 23 per cent said they use mobile management tools or a secure container on the device.


Jul 13

DDoS behind biggest cyber attack in history

A massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, described by experts at the time as being the largest in cyber history, bombarded the websites of anti-junk mail non-profit organisation Spamhaus recently in an attempt to knock them offline.

The attack, which happened in April, was reported to have been caused by a row between the spam-fighting group and Dutch hosting firm Cyberbunker, which lead to a flood of traffic against the intended target.

Spamhaus alleges Cyberbunker, in co-operation with criminal gangs, was behind the attacks, which at its peak hit 300 gb/s - although security experts later disputed the attack's intensity. Normally, a DDoS targeting a bank, for example, would reach around 50 gb/s.


Apr 13

Applying big data to information security

There has been a huge amount of buzz over recent months around big data, which has come about as a result of emerging technologies, such as social media, the cloud and mobile. Yet take up by business is still relatively low with many organisations not clear about how they can maximise the benefits of big data.


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